Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fearless Iranians From Hell

This is more of a novelty to me than anything else, but I thought it was apropos to post, considering all that is going on right now with Iran's nuclear aims and with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

I never knew much about this group except that (1) they are from Texas (2) supposedly have at least one Iranian-American member, and (3) share at least one member (possibly two) with the Butthole Surfers.

As with, it seems, everyone these days, they have a MySpace page. These same tracks can be streamed there and downloaded from 7Inchpunk.com here (thanks to 7inchpunk.com for the above image). If I'd known, I would have just downloaded their mp3s rather than make my own.


Raw Power "Wop Hour" EP

Raw Power is my favorite Italian hardcore/thrash/ cross-over/ whatever-you-wanna-call-it band. They have been around since 1981, though I think their first recordings were done in 1983.

Though they never broke out of hardcore obscurity, they are still active today (touring California as I write this). I believe singer Mauro Codeluppi is the only remaining original member since his brother Giuseppe (guitar) died in 2002.

For my money, the best stuff from this band is from their 1984-86 lineups. A lot of their stuff is available on CD, but it appears that this 7" EP remains available only on used vinyl and, now, here. Enjoy.

I Do What I Like
You Are The Victim

Monday, July 24, 2006

Citizen's Arrest

A Great outfit from the early 90s New York scene. I used to catch them when there was a real fun matinee scene at ABC No Rio. They have a MySpace page that streams some of these songs, and some others, but it doesn't look like any recordings are available purchase.

larger image of cover art
back cover
record insert 1
record insert 2
(sometimes I get a little carried away with this stuff...)

Serve And Protect
A Light in the Darkness

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Murders Among Us comp

Murders Among Us 7" (1990, Combined Effort & Vermiform Records co-relase).

A classic latter-day NYHC compilation. Still one of my faves.

1. Lifesblood - "Human Power"
2. Absolution - "Dead and Gone"
3. Nausea - "Electrodes"
4. Born Against "The Good Father"

Update - On Aug. 17, 2006 I replaced the original tracks I ripped with ones from Something I learned Today because their quality was superior to my worn out 7."

Here's a flyer of a Life'sBlood show (1988?) I went to in my hometown of Albany. Brian Sayle has this greatflyer site.

Execute/Inferno split 12"

Eight tracks of blessed thrash from Execute (Japan) and Inferno (Germany or, what was then known as West Germany). I have to say that I listen to the Execute side about three times for every time I listen to the Inferno, but they both rock. On Pusmort records, 1986.

1. A Nightmare
2. Life
3. In Research Work's Name
4. Creature Without a Brain

5. Nasty Nasty Nasty
6. Going Back
7. Penetration (Go to Rut)
4. Lone Wolf (Pt. 2)

This Town We Own - an Albany, NY Hardcore comp

--Update 12/25/06: Merry Christmas. I just reposted these tracks after recording a copy of this 7" that was far less worn out than mine. If you downloaded these before the above date you might wanna grab 'em again. --

A classic for anyone who came up in the Albany HC scene (1991 on Rake records).

I don't think this 7" actually represents the best of these bands (stay tuned for future posts), but I was friends with a lot of the folks in some of them, so this record is very dear to my heart.

It's only a shame so many of the bands recorded their songs at the infamous (at least I think so) Highland Studios.I don't know if it is still around but back in the 80s and early 90s this crappy studio created a veritable "Albany sound" by (unfortunately) making every recording sound like it emanates from a transistor radio nestled inside a garbage can. If you’re not from Albany and think I’m joking, just check out the Albany Style Hardcore compilation posted at Middle Aged Youth.

After I uploaded these songs, I saw that Coregasm had already done so, too. My mp3s are a bit more crackly (from the original vinyl -- my usual noise reduction techniques failed me) than his, but I notice some strange buzzing on his mp3s (created during the digital conversion) so I’ll listen to mine. You can choose your poison.

Terror Cake - "Intricate"
Glee Club - "Diafraggem"
Intent - "Flaw"
Substance - "Thorn In My Side"
Vertebrae - "Jittery City"

This Town We Own 7" front cover
This Town We Own 7" back cover
This Town We Own 7" insert 1
This Town We Own 7" insert 2

Reason To Believe

This band had a pretty short career (1987-1990). They were from the Bay Area and had a powerful, melodic, somewhat D.C.-ish hardcore sound a la Minor Threat or perhaps more like early Verbal Assault. But, they have their own sound, too. You can hear more tracks (and without pops!) at their MySpace page, where it says there they will be re-releasing their out-of-print material soon. Until then....

True Love Always
Mind on Paper
New Foundation
Pictures Upside Down

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mob 47 - "Kärnvapen Attack" (1984)

This Swedish group is apparently still around (see their site or their MySpace page ), but I can't tell what songs are still available to buy. They post a couple of these songs (better quality than mine, but still recorded from the vinyl). I never knew much about these guys -- in fact I didn't even know until recently that the 7" is technically titled after the first track, since mine just says "Mob 47" on it), but I always loved this disk. The best info on this band (apart from the above-mentioned sites) and many others can be found at Kill From the Heart.

These recordings represent one of my first attempts at vinyl conversion. I've learned a thing or to since then, and may remake these sometime (maybe get rid of a few pops; definitely boost volume, though you should be able do that on your end in iTunes).

1. Kärnvapen attack
2. Rustning är ett brott
3. Res dig mot överheten
4. Vi rustar dom dör
5. Det är upp till oss
6. Dom ljuger
7. Ingen framtid
8. Animal liberation
9. Polisstat