Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mob 47 - "Kärnvapen Attack" (1984)

This Swedish group is apparently still around (see their site or their MySpace page ), but I can't tell what songs are still available to buy. They post a couple of these songs (better quality than mine, but still recorded from the vinyl). I never knew much about these guys -- in fact I didn't even know until recently that the 7" is technically titled after the first track, since mine just says "Mob 47" on it), but I always loved this disk. The best info on this band (apart from the above-mentioned sites) and many others can be found at Kill From the Heart.

These recordings represent one of my first attempts at vinyl conversion. I've learned a thing or to since then, and may remake these sometime (maybe get rid of a few pops; definitely boost volume, though you should be able do that on your end in iTunes).

1. Kärnvapen attack
2. Rustning är ett brott
3. Res dig mot överheten
4. Vi rustar dom dör
5. Det är upp till oss
6. Dom ljuger
7. Ingen framtid
8. Animal liberation
9. Polisstat


Blogger Niels said...

I see you have the second pressing of this EP (with a different sleeve), just like I did. For a long time I wondered when they did this repress, and whether it was actually "genuine"; well, this here link explains it all!


November 12, 2006 2:05 PM  

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