Monday, December 25, 2006

Updated tracks and an open call for Albany HC

If you downloaded tracks from the This Town We Own comp before Christmas 2006, you may want to download them again. I replaced the tracks with ones I culled from a copy of the comp that was in better shape than mine.

Also, having been inspired by Dave K.'s excellent history of NYHC, I decided I want to post an Albany punk and hardcore show collection here (1980-1991 or so). I will probably build it piecemeal as an ongoing blog entry, but wonder if anyone out there has anything to contribute. I would especially like anything from the No Outlet, Cranial Abuse, or Final Terror demos. I had the first two but lost them somewhere along the line and now I have only the songs on the two 7" comps. I never had any FT , but I think they must have put some demo or something out and I'd like to have the collection as complete as possible. Of course, if anyone has anything (live, whatever) by Fit For Abuse or Albany Style, who as far as I know, never released anything (FFA had one song on the ASHC comp), I could really use that. I'll put the one FFA song of course but it would be nice to have more.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Poison Idea Live at the Pyramid Club & ABC No Rio, 1990

From the Feel the Darkness Tour. I think I recorded this in April or May 1990. I have the exact date somewhere and will post it. I don't have the time to split the tracks or write up the song list. If anyone feels industrious and has time to do a song list please send it to me. PI did two shows in NYC in two days. I recorded all of the Pyramid show and part of the ABC No Rio show, so there is some song overlap here. The sound system at the Pyramid was superior to ABC No Rio's on that day, so you may notice a difference there. I just learned yesterday that Pig Champion died almost a year ago (Feb. of 2006). RIP and rock on...

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3